Borwa Web Services (Pty) Ltd it’s a totally black owned digital media company specializing in web-based technologies & network protocol communications services. In simplicity it is the means by which computers communicate with each other using markup languages and multimedia processes.

Our services range from hosted information such as business email & website to producing incredible graphics; installations & maintainance of office networking communications.

  • Websites Programming - markup language coding
  • Hosting - managing hosted information and publishing it
  • Domain Registration - checking availability and registering website address
  • Emails & Configurations - creating emails and setup on device
  • Networking - installations & device or machine setup

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What we do offer

Website Programming

Markup language coding from R2500.00, at least 50% of the cost price must be paid prior commencement of any coded work


Managing hosted information and publishing it from R150.00 p.m, you may transfer your website to any hosting company at anytime provided that you don't owe us any hosting fee

Domain Registration

Checking availability and registering website address from R150.00, a domain name is renewed annually the same date it was registered

Emails & Configurations

Creating emails and setup on device free e.g Microsoft Outlook, R50.00 p.m for hosting emails only without a website


Installations & device or machine setup, quotation depends on the size of the job


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2A Bhimy Damane Str, Middelburg, 1050


+27 061 437 3286 | +27 068 519 6869